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Gold Business Membership The Gold Business Membership gives you access to the tools and wizards used to promote your business individually and as aggressively as you choose. It is perfect for even the smallest business who, may or may not yet have a web presence. It includes everything that your business needs to promote your offer to your online customers including:
Your Company Contact Information and Description, a link into your Company Website if available, access to numerous "ad-on" advertising opportunities such as rotating banner programs, coupon generators and the included "create your own " web page Wizard for supplementary information about your business, your industry, recent achievements, or sales offers etc… You decide what will work best for you!
(or $30.00 monthly)
Platinum Corporate Membership The Platinum Corporate Membership is designed for larger businesses who wish to sponsor "Industry Specific / Topic Sections", advertise via premium positioned banners and/or to participate in the Interactive Community Calendars.
The Platinum Membership includes:
All of the Gold Business Membership opportunities above, including the "add-on" features found in your personal administration area, Premium Positioned Sponsor Banner opportunities, and password access to promote your Events on the appropriate Calendars. The Platinum Business Membership confirms your corporate support of this very impactive and empowering community project.
(or $100.00 monthly)
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